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About Us

In 2012 Nova Energy was founded on the principles that our customer’s results are all that matters. This philosophy has helped create a customer-centric organization dedicated to the prosperity of our customers.

Darrin Haugan | Gary Greer | Bailey Kirk | Brian Payne

Gary Greer, Principal:

Gary has a diverse background in petroleum supply, logistics, and marketing services in the crude oil, gas liquids, and petroleum products space. His companies have marketed and scheduled crude oil and products pipeline movements for its clients for over 25 years. Particular expertise in optimization of supply, marketing distressed material, and location and quality arbitrage. In 2017 Gary obtain his Series 3 license to trade commodities. Gary achieved both a Master’s degree in Business Administration (1986) and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (1983) from Oral Roberts University.

Bailey Kirk , Principal

Bailey has 30 years of sales, marketing & management experience in the petroleum and environmental industry. Prior to becoming a partner in Nova Energy in 2017, he spent the last 14 years at Vertex Energy managing their recovery division. During his time there, he secured the feedstock that allowed Vertex to start its refining division. Bailey also traded several petroleum products including distressed diesel and crude oil. Bailey graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1983 with a degree in Business Administration.

Darrin Haugan, Vice President:

Darrin joined Nova Energy in 2012 and has come full circle from where he began his career work on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange back in 1987. Working in the Eurodollar futures pit managing customers' positions, Darrin gained valuable knowledge of how local brokers utilize the technical elements of the market to make profits. In 1988, he left the futures market to pursue a successful career in the building industry where he was a senior member of management of several building products companies. In 2012 he earned his Series 3 license to trade commodities. Darrin received his MBA from Roosevelt University in Chicago (1994) and has an undergraduate degree in Marketing from Eastern Illinois University (1985).

Brian Payne, Account Manager:

Brian began his career in the Petroleum Industry in 2007 at Pilot Flying J. At Pilot, Brian was responsible for forecasting daily distillate demand for 250+ retail locations as well as scheduling and managing inventories on Colonial, Plantation, Buckeye, Explorer, Magellan South, and Enterprise pipelines. He gained extensive knowledge in various regional markets while optimizing daily purchasing activities. He joined the team at Nova 2013 where he obtained his Series 3 license to trade commodities. Brian currently coordinates pipeline nominations, allocations, stub lines, and line space trading. He graduated from Lee University in 2006 with a degree in Business Administration.